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Drawing upon the global expertise in deploying management systems, helping to improve organizational performance in achieving their objectives, content production and use of internationally recognized management models, a provider of software tools for operational management systems.


Years experience

In providing technological solution for management



Including ministries, national and provincial executive, banks, universities, industries, companies


Software users

Face-to-face and e-learning training courses in various fields of management and software technology



Software products in the fields of strategic management, performance management, project management

Take the path to success faster with Yesna Pars

Yesna Pars Knowledge-Based Company, by forming multi-specialized teams and cooperating with prestigious universities in the country and experienced managers of organizations, identifies the problems of organizations and designs the success steps of organizations by providing solutions tailored to the conditions of each organization.

Yesna Pars Solutions

Strategic management
Strategic management

Strategic management is a tool that takes the organization out of passivity to achieve goals and with scientific and principled planning, provides the basis for the dynamism and growth of the organization.

Performance management
Performance management

Performance management is a principled process that every organization must utilize to achieve its vision, mission and goals. Successful implementation of performance management system guarantees the success of the organization in achieving short-term and long-term goals.

Performance documentation
Performance documentation

Creating an organization performance management video report tailored to your scenario and displaying the organization's achievements through motion graphics, videos, and infographics is a tool in making manager's reports more.

Project management
Project management

Project management is a process to maintain the logical direction of the project and strive to achieve an economic and quality balance so that the project is completed at the most appropriate time.

Process management
Process management

Process management aims to optimize the work procedures of the organization to maximize the productivity of organizational activities and strengthen the agility of the organization by identifying process bottlenecks in the organization.

HR management
HR management

Creative, productive and motivated human resources are the biggest assets of leading organizations. Therefore, it is not possible to not have a plan for this large intangible capital in the organization. Human resource management is an approach that along with the individual development of employees provides the ground for the development of the organization.

Data mining
Data mining

Data mining is a set of systematic and reliable methods derived from the output of the world's major knowledge and citation databases that depicts the behavior of consumers or researchers and marketers. We live in an age where information is a treasure trove. Therefore, data mining is a path that has been considered by many researchers and policy makers in science and technology.

Our Customers

Mashhad Municipality
Farhangian University
Ferdowsi University of Mashhad
Iran Insurance Company
Central Insurance of I.R. Iran
Bank Maskan
Bank Melli Iran
Iranian National Tax Administration
Ports & Maritime Organization
 Information Technology Organization of Iran
The Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA)
Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans Affairs
Administrative and Recruitment Organization (ARO)
Plan and Budget Organization of Iran
Department of Environment
National Standards Organization of Iran
Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization
Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance
Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Training
Ministry of Science, Research and Technology
Ministry of the Interior
Ministry of Energy
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